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Re: wap?

I think eventually the majority of phones will display the site as it is.

Right now some of it is what internet is available in some areas. If equipment and towers can't handle the bandwidth, they will have to be updated to work as well as other areas. Some areas only offer phones with text and limited access service. Those phones or subscribers can't surf the entire web.

Other areas offer both, limited or full access. You get what you pay for there.

Testing a touch screen black berry, it would connect to the net right away. The salesperson couldn't get the key pad black berry on after 4 tries. On # 5 it connected. Same bandwidth available, newer B.B. needs less or has better reception. Keypad type is too small and hard to navigate for many.

If you have keypad problems like sniperonhigh described, You could try using the eraser end of a pencil to type. Seems thats what size finger tips some keypads are made for.

The phones for seeing the site easily exactly as it is are available now. The updated infrastructure just isn't in place everywhere it's needed for them to work.
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