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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Originally Posted by 99f250pows View Post
Compared to what you might be used to it may seem ok but compared to the perfection of gm steering the ford and dodge setups leave a lot to be desired.
My last three trucks were GMC's and I think they steered ok, but were subject to the same wear that any steering- suspension system endures. I had to crank #### out of the torsion bars to carry 800 lb plows without doing a nose stand... All I can say is I'm sure glad to have a solid Dana axle under my front end now. And it doesn't freakin wander either. If you are worried about the reliability of electronics in modern vehicles then you have a lot of worrying to do, all makes are stuffed with them. Why did I go back to Ford after 14 years of GM's? Because the new GM's are lower to the ground than ever, squat like a dog when you throw a little weight in them and it seems to me that all they care about is how soft the ride is and how fat they can make the seats. I still give them credit for good engines and transmissions though.
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