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Re: Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Are you serious? I never mentioned anything that would be biased... I only stated that an information source that is supposed to supply information to the consumer to aid in their decision, neglected important factors. I never drove either vehicle, I had to rely on what was available... Did you read that I am currently in Afghanistan? How would I drive either if I am sitting here in Afghanistan? HAHA! I would have purchased the Chevy for the simple fact that its drivetrain has the least amount of changes and would therfore be more reliable. The Ford has a completely new drivetrain and then all of the SYNC electronics, the electronic locking diff.; all things that could possibly go wrong! But, after reading other information and relying on people at home to test drive them for me I made a choice. I've read every available piece of liturature on every truck available including the Dodge, the Ford has more available and was generally considered the most comfortable to drive.
If you dad is buying it and you've never driven either how can you comment on either truck. If you are old enough put your money where your mouth is and then we can have an intelligent conversation.
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