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Reviews Chevy vs Ford

Of the reviews that I've read the only one thus far that has been entirely positive about the Chevy/GM HD truck is pickuptrucks.com! The review in Popular Mechanics gave the win to the Ford... PM rated the ride quality, interior, fit and finish and noise levels to all be superior in the Ford. Then Car and Driver had this to say about the GMC Denali's ride quality:

"The Sierra is not without its flaws, however. While a suspension designed to accommodate a one-ton payload atop the shoulders of a four-ton truck is never going to be compliant, there’s a difference between unyielding and uncivilized. Small impacts jostle occupants, but over larger impacts, the front axle feels detached, like it’s rattling in its bushings. “Unfinished” is hardly a confidence-inspiring vibe to get from a work truck."

"Additionally, while the Denali package spruces up the interior, it doesn’t do anything about the low quality of the plastics. (At just $1305 more than a similar Sierra SLT, the main benefit of the Denali package is the monochromatic exterior appearance.) The black tuxedo treatment inside and out masks the cheapness somewhat, but the massive expanse of black plastic that forms the inner door looks low-budget, as does the lower dash panel. Not only that, but they feel hard and hollow."

Pickuptrucks completely ignored all of these things, and even at one point (if I am not mistaken) stated that the ride in the Chevy was better than the Ford and Dodge. I just don't understand how two reviews can agree while a third is entirely off base on its description and conclusion. Pickuptrucks also ignored the interior quality, fit and finish, and available options. These things are important as the interior is the place we will all spend the most time!

My wife and I just purchased a 2011 F-250 Lariat with navigation... But before we bought this truck we were ready to buy the Chevy if it was really superior, I was worried about jumping into a new vehicle that had yet to go through the everyday paces, but the Ford just offered so much more for the money. Sync, power, fit and finish, ride quality etc.

I conclusion, I don't understand where pickuptrucks is coming from on this one, Mike seems to have completely missed the mark on this one. What are everyone elses thoughts?
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