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Originally Posted by Dzchey21 View Post
They dont.... i bet spartan isnt the first one to release good tuning for the 6.7....
How Did You Screw up what i Wrote

I Wrote
What if we didn't have Spartan or the nutty professor ?

You wrote!
What if wthe nutty professor e didn't have Spartan or ?
Your saying they Don't ,I'm guessing your saying Spartan doesn't have the professor ? what i ment was what if we didn't have spartan or the nutty Professor,as i wrote

this is the problem with computers hard to really understand what the other person is saying,things can be interpreted so many ways just like the Bible!!!

Having Grammer and Spelling that Sux don't help either

I understand KEM is a stand alone company,but I did think they Spartan and Kem were working together ? guess not... Don't matter to me long as the Tune is done right!!!

May the Best tunner Win!
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