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Re: More Power?

Originally Posted by StrongIslandDiesel View Post
And I would 100% rather tow with an Allison transmission over my current one anyday. And I find it funny how there is no mention of the top 50..... Cat got your tongue bud??????
Those are all Drag Trucks You are ate up with it!

The Feather Arse Comment was pointed at Pulling Only! not racing

a Stock ford could prolly drag anyone of your top Fifty Down the track Bachwards Screaming

I had a 07 Duramax and that thing was fast!!! But my Buddy had a F350 and wanted to hook them up i told Him No Way cause i Knew his truck with the weight advantage would Drag me with my tires a Smokin

Why do ya think they add about 1,000 lbs to the front of some Pulling trucks and why do you think C/C LB will out pull most regular cab LB's ??? it's the weight factor

and my friends maybe Hillbillies but they can Kick your Whitecollar Friends arse and not even spill their beer doing it

Your a Funny guy ,and the difference in weight is only around 400 lbs now ,Read more type less

GM's new frame and trans upgrade has closed the gap somewhat!
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