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Re: Look What I Did

Have you ever seen a cummins transplant done in an 08 yet? I know of 2 that were done and it is not an easy task if you want everything to work like factory.
No and I don't have time to Do one Myself ,BUT if I had a Nice 08 with Blown Motor and Trans, i would be tempted to Try it cause that would be a Sweet rig with some mods to the Motor ! i've seen and Read a Few Builds like this and the truck were Killer, Last i Remember was in Diesel World or Power ,The Guy even had Custom Diff Covers that Said Cummins :~) it was a Blue truck i think ,the guy that owned the truck said his Little Girl Like to see the Big Truck Smoke If i remember Right :~(

That would be the second to last Truck i remember cause i just read about a Burgandy Ford with cummins In the Last diesel mag i read,It said Made to last or something Like that he used it on a Ranch....said it would Never be that clean again ...

Did i Mention Your truck looks Great

I'm going back and Look at it some more 8~)
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