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Re: Duramax owner ready to make the switch

Originally Posted by KB3MMX View Post
Do you still have the DPF or have you tried a $10 blocker plate in the EGR? The EGR coolers add significant heat load to all the modern emissions diesels, it still shouldn't get much over 220 though.
I've been told that to disable the EGR, you have to have a tune, and that means bye bye warranty. DPF is still in place too for the same reason. This thing has already eaten an engine on GM's dime (mine was the #8 piston) and I'm not willing to risk a $10k repair bill for 50hp.

The Duramax has hit 255* ECT and trans temps towing the fifth wheel thru the desert this summer - and per GM "it's not a problem until you hit 260 and limp it."

I love the fact that the Fords still use the solid front axle in the 4x4 (Dana 60 no less!!!) and I'm willing to take the trade offs in ride for load capacity, simplicity and strength. The interior is nicer than the GM, as well as slightly roomier above the head. I think the steering wheel telescopes too, which my GM doesn't. A couple of inches here and there makes a big difference for a guy my size.

Is there anywhere that will rent one of the new SD's for a month or so? Enterprise, Avis, etc? I really want to check this thing out top to tail so I know what I'm getting into if I am jumping back into 5 years of payments and $60k.
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