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Re: Duramax owner ready to make the switch

Originally Posted by username taken View Post
Maybe I misspoke - my LMM runs HOT towing, although not to the point of setting a code or boiling over. With 20k miles on the truck, the coolant temp will stay between 220 and 240 for most any trip when towing the fifth wheel, unless I am going downhill for an extended period. As the cooling system gets some age on it, I would expect it to get worse, not better. Not acceptable to me in a brand new truck.

Oil pressure will barely keep 32 psi running uphill at 2500-3000 rpm. Maybe that's OK per the engineers, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

The LLY would overheat to the point of boilover, and was bad enough that auxilliary radiators were developed by the aftermarket.
Do you still have the DPF or have you tried a $10 blocker plate in the EGR? The EGR coolers add significant heat load to all the modern emissions diesels, it still shouldn't get much over 220 though.

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