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Politics and Religion

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  1. And to think we thought Bush was a bad speaker
  2. The American Resistance!!!
  3. North Korea's Rocket
  4. April 15th Tea Parties
  5. O.B.A.M.A.
  6. funny republican story
  7. And this is our "Commander and Chief" we are f&*k
  8. The troops just love Obama!
  9. Treasury Sec wants to oust bank CEO's?
  10. CBC?
  11. New State Regulations
  12. Hostages
  13. Exterminate White People?
  15. And another New State Reg
  16. They are Terrorists, NOT Pirates........
  17. a sumary editorial of obamas trip to europe
  18. CAPTAIN RESCUED!!!!!!!!
  19. Not Pirates but Coast Gaurd
  20. Texas goes first
  21. They did it again
  22. you are all bad and dangerous people
  23. Mexican Poem
  24. The EPA that we all love
  25. obama the pirate slayer
  26. New ways to disarm veterans
  27. Barry Hussein Sottero & Hugo Chavez
  28. Rosa Brooks: the Pentagonís far left adviser, Obama Stacking the Deck...........
  29. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Tea Parties were "AstroTurf"
  30. MLK Memorial Project
  31. Obama request Jesus name be covered
  32. New Tax just got approved
  33. Preamble to the States
  34. Another Terrorist Attack Today in America
  35. Axelrod: Tea Party Anger is Misdirected
  36. Obama Endures Ortega Diatribe
  37. Gotta love Texas
  38. Barack Obama vs. U.S. Navy Seals
  39. Hey Suns, is Alan Keyes racist?
  41. taxes...just in case you didnt know
  42. Obama to ok prosecution of Bush administration officials?
  43. A Win for Gun Advocates
  44. Miss CA loses crown due to her beliefs
  45. You have to read this
  46. Dead Horse
  47. Janet Napolitano needs to be removed from her post
  48. obama and his possee
  49. Gun control
  50. The $50 Lesson
  51. Cute song about taxes and our government
  52. Americas Ammo
  53. Interesting twist on the attempted reinstatement of the assault weapons ban
  54. another interesting vote
  55. for your comments
  56. For The Veterans!
  57. oboma curiosity
  58. Wake up PA!
  60. On our way to a defenseless nation
  61. Spectors drool cup...............
  62. Obama is bringing down the budget deficit
  63. We all need to see this
  64. Who gets the tax cut????
  65. Hallmark Holiday 100 days in office
  66. Another tax thread
  67. We need a Pres. w/ Balls .......
  68. military commissions
  69. 545 people
  70. California considers requiring motorcycle smog checks
  71. DHS Office Issues Glossary of Domestic Extremist Groups
  72. Lazy Iraqi Police
  73. Tatoo anyone?
  74. my bet is...BEER is next
  75. Good Ole Uncle Ted
  76. Immigration
  77. Notre Dame failing miserably..................
  78. obummer,muslum sympthizer
  79. First 100 days, under my bus
  80. Is Obama even our President?
  81. Interesting to say the least
  82. Are we screwed?
  83. biden screwed up
  84. Video that should be seen by all...
  85. Some good advice.
  86. I heard on the news today.........
  87. Obama's new rules will transform US auto fleet
  88. Feinstein Emerges as Top Defender for Bringing Gitmo Detainees to U.S.
  89. The Difference between Liberty and Tyranny
  90. a little about "cap and trade"
  91. Obama Followers!
  92. chruch goers
  93. the death of Israel ...
  94. Boycott of ABC
  95. Sitting Indian Style?
  96. Voting intimidation by Black Panthers not being prosecuted.
  97. Water Boarding
  98. The Russians view of America Very interesting read
  99. Lost Jobs, Soaring Energy Costs Canít Deter Democrats from Advancing Radical Global W
  100. San Diego County officials shut down home Bible study
  101. No more Maryland liscenses for illegals!
  102. Fair and Balanced????
  103. President Obama: "No Amnesty for Illegals!"‏
  104. date night
  105. $458,000.00
  106. WTF!?! Obama is @ it again?
  107. Hummer going to the Chinese
  108. Obama Wants to Tax Health Benefits
  109. Obama selling houses for $1-$2
  110. Interseting Article
  111. Right Wing Extremists
  112. California close to bankrupt? I wonder why?
  113. obama loves muslims...
  114. America and OUR Future!
  115. Funny but true
  116. Our Muslim President-
  117. better mileage vehicles hurts roads
  118. newsweek over the top
  119. WTF, Miranda Rights POW's in Afghanistan
  120. Madame Pelosi's C-757
  121. Pastor's Wife Letter
  122. The Obama diet
  123. Enough with the Obamathon
  124. Answers to your questions
  125. a good read
  126. Gitmo prisoners now enjoying Bermuda! WTF!
  127. For all you conspiracy theorists
  128. Picture of the proposed Federal Budget for 2009
  129. Jon Voight speaks up
  131. We must honor our past and present leaders.
  132. A Pastor with GUTS!
  133. The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality
  134. Good letter
  135. Yet another Obamination!
  136. Our Judeo-Christian Nation
  137. And Another!
  138. Let's Hope the Obama administration is taking this VERY seriously
  139. Barbara Boxer
  140. PETA vs. Obama
  141. U.S. vs Starbucks
  142. We haven't talked illegal immigration for a while
  143. Bring all the illegals in!
  144. Mr. Obama
  145. Slavery Reparations
  146. PETA strikes again!
  147. Take A Stand Against Cap and Trade
  148. Are you on a watch list?
  149. what do ya'll think about this???
  150. Good Video
  151. Keep this in mind before starting CPR
  152. please pray for my dad
  153. THIS is Barack Obama
  154. The Great Global Warming Hoax
  155. For sale on eBay: Obama's 'Kenyan birth certificate'
  156. This says it All
  157. What do you think?
  158. A little long but some very good points
  159. Daschle, one of the authors of obamas health care system
  160. Obama says Honduran ouster was 'not legal'
  161. White firefighters win Supreme Court appeal
  162. Epa Nixes Global Warming Threat
  163. internet being sensored
  164. National Anthem video.....AWSOME!!
  165. Austin TX: Tea Party & Joe the Plumber
  166. Grr obama is a piece of work... soo irritated
  167. Obama's Housing Rescue
  168. The appointment of Czars
  169. Celebrating the Declarationof Independence
  171. The White Rodney King
  172. Obama's Busted - Photo
  174. We should pull out NOW!
  175. love what this guy says
  176. Sonia Sonamayor
  177. Obama finally admits
  178. I Am an Extremist
  179. Shots Fired On Capitol Hill
  180. Obama in the movies.......
  181. Scary if True
  182. They're here now!
  183. great discussion regarding heath care
  184. Time to step up men!
  185. interesting story
  186. Want lower oil prices? Help Support: Drill Here, Drill Now!
  187. Mirandizing the Enemy
  188. Your thoughts on Banker's Profits
  189. Canadians Not Liking Obama?
  190. This site makes me sick
  191. LMAO!!!
  192. 37 States - Sovereignty Tenth Amendment Resolution
  193. I hate him more and more everyday
  194. Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US
  195. More Wonderful Islam
  196. Finally, Some Details on Obama Care
  197. Saving Freedom
  198. Well this sucks
  199. what can be done that has impact
  200. Sad but true
  201. What the Government Controlled Media Want You to Know
  202. Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals
  203. Obama Appoints Two Devout Muslims to Homeland Security
  204. If only this would work
  205. Obama's Healthcare and More
  206. Stimulus Money Well Spent
  207. H.R.808, Department of Peace
  208. GM screwing up local economy....BAD.
  210. How about this guy?
  211. Obama's first flight over Texas
  212. bama snubbed
  213. Democrats refuse to allow Republicans To Inform You
  214. Racial Preferences in New Health Care Bill
  215. We The People Stimulus Package
  217. Blue Dogs are selling out to Maobamacare
  218. Beer Garden chat?
  219. Government Suspends Cash-For-Clunkers Program.
  221. It's A Simple Answer After All
  222. hope and change after all..
  223. Obama's revealing body language
  224. gun bill
  225. Muslims taking over the world
  226. White people will riot says black pastor
  227. Clunker going down...
  228. Unions To Counter Town Hall Tea-Party
  229. Mob Video In Denver..Pelosi Visit....
  230. 40 goats and 20 cows?
  231. Obama's "Catholic Plan"
  232. Soros Care
  233. better goverment?
  234. New national anthem...
  235. Real health care reform
  236. Unbelievable President
  237. NOOOOO, Man With a Gun......Evil.......
  238. Letter to Rep. Boxer (Ca,)
  239. What The Health Care Bill Actually Says
  240. Scary isn't it?
  241. AMA finally speaks out on healthcare reform!
  242. Deja Vu
  243. Don't ever visit cars.gov
  244. Funniest Movie Line Ever
  245. Right Wing Extremist Dog
  246. New Obama lover theme song
  247. Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine
  248. haveing troble wadeing through the BS
  249. Got to Love the Unions......
  250. Uninsured In America...By Choice.....