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A 6.0 horror story to beat all others (and advice needed)

Hey guys, maybe I can make some of my fellow 6.0 owners feel better, hopefully I can warn against a shady mechanic, and maybe someone will get a laugh. I've resorted to laughs and cuss words...

Back in October/16 I bought my dream truck. F-350, King ranch, FX4, sunroof, every feature available in 2007. I bought it two hours from home, drove up, had it checked out, all looked good. So i bought it, paid a little much, but this was my DREAM truck.. I love the 6.0s, my favorite looking truck. I drive a 06 f-450 at work, its had its issues, but its damn near bulletproof.

So I get it home about 4pm, drive around all evening, I'd totaled my z71 and had some catching up to do, so i made my runs, happy to not be driving a 16,000 pound f450. About two miles from home, i look back, and see white smoke. a lot. by this time, its about 8pm. I take it home, cut it off, and cuss a lot, but lay down and go to sleep. Next morning its worse, i take it to my mechanic (and family friend), he checks, two blown head gaskets. So i get it fixed, along with a new egr, new coolant, oil change, turbo rebuild, and brakes. $4400. I pay it, drive it home, few weeks goes by, gauges going in and out along with locks and windows. Take it back, tells me the gauge cluster is bad, i trust him, $500 rebuild. Get it back, still happening, have to make a 100 mile trip. Gauges go out, state trooper gets me, pull in a truck stop, come out. doors locked engine running, 100 miles from home ********it. Get it unlocked by buying a guy a carton of marlboro and sending him through the backglass. Next day, 60 miles from home, alternator goes out, i replace it on the side of the road. Drive home, dont say a word to the mechanic, is what it is.

Going up a mountain, pulling 8000 pounds, BOOM, turbo blown??? sh*t. park it, tow it ($75 and 3rd time on a rollback in a few weeks) cracked wheel and EGR VALVE SHOOTS OUT THE TOP OF THE FARKING COOLER. Wheel fixed, new egr valve with a helicoil... $800. WTF???

another trip, wheel cracks, 40 miles from home, leave it on a jack, get a ride, wheel fixed for free, 3 days downtime and a $2000 job lost.

two weeeks later, walk outta my favorite restraunt, tires empty on the ground, pull out OBA, fill tire, drive straight to mechanics at midnight. Dog cuss him, borrow a set of wheels, back on the road.

After headstuds, (not sure if theyre studs or bolts, being optomistic) the truck comes home WITH A NEW OIL LEAK. Its a "freeze plug". BS, but whatever, also has a bucking issue. Change filters and oil, he used a knockoff oil filter and chunks the original oil cap (i checked this when buying that it was original). Hard starts so i swap to 5w-40 rotella synthetic. OIL LEAK STOPS. Was told it was delo oil, girlfriend is a doctor, knows a chemist, not sure how its related but some connection, tests oil, Detergent oil 30 weight. Gas burner oil to save money. Now have a crankshaft sensor bad, a air intake temp sensor bad, and cylinder 3 balance code, FARK. Ordered rev-x. be here tuesday. maybe itll work, maybe the mechanic made him another job. took to dealer, original Egr, all he did was clean it. rigged lots of stuff in there and completely screwed me.

so im trying to figure whats next, thinking egr ******, oil cooler, and exhaust along with coolant filter. THoughts? anyone near huntsville alabama? I'll pay, just need help.

This man in a family friend of 4 or 5 years, My family has spent 12,000 dollars in his shop in about 1.5 years. Im absolutely sick. so so sad.

I have reported to BBB, if youre near huntsville alabama, save yourself. The shop is TJ international on Oakwood Avenue ran by Jimmy Saxena, sorry for the long post and rant, but i want to spread the word.

Mods, if this post is out of line, please message me and I will edit accordingly. I feel the need to tell my story and hope its not an issue.
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